E8SY Condo

Increase the value of your Condo with E8SY by making it a lot more comfortable and convenient for your residents. Life should be this easy.

E8SY Condo is the perfect customisable platform for Condominium communities as it connects Residents with Management from the convenience of a mobile app which allows for paperless and immediate transactions for facility bookings, form submissions, news and notices, condo information and much more.

Normal Condos are immediately transformed into Serviced Condos with the combination of E8SY Condo, E8SY Tenant & E8SY Services, which makes it more desirable and therefore, increasing property value.

Best of all, it makes a community safer and is available for FREE.


Download E8SY today and have your Council (MCST) sign up with us at hello@e8sy.com.  It's FREE!

Available in both App and Play Stores.