In tropical Singapore, the Air Con is a 'life saver' and we should really look after it well.  

There are many Service Providers who take short-cuts and market a lower rate to win your business but do not do the job based on best practise. This is bad for your health and those at home so steer clear from it.  We know because we interview Service Providers before we decide if they are good enough to be included in our partner network.

Our prices have been negotiated up front so it is very competitive and you will be 100% satisfied.  We are only happy when you are, so please go ahead and enjoy FIX8. 

Send us your enquiry, 'live' chat with our friendly concierge, or call us at 6514 9115



  • General Service

  • Chemical Wash

  • Air-con Leakage

  • Troubleshoot and checks