About Us

An Easier Way

Our story starts with the pain and inconvenience we faced managing our homes and for one or two of us, getting things done in the condo we rent.

Finding the right service providers to deliver consistent work that we’re satisfied with is one thing, having to always take time off work to let them into the apartment is another. This happens on a weekly basis for cleaning and we treasure our weekends too much to give up most of it for our chores and errands.

For the condos, everything required a visit to the management office during office hours (when we would be busy working) and filling paper forms just to book a facility or when applying for parking.

We searched for a solution that would help busy people like us run our homes well and hassle-free as well as one with (optional) condo functions but there was none.

That’s why we created E8SY.

We wanted to build an experience that we would be genuinely happy with and proud to share with family and friends. We're a property management service with fairer prices and better service but more importantly, we enable you to have more free time to do the things that matter most to you.

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less and we welcome you to browse around or try us out and start living an easier life.


Paul, Daryl & Greg.