Why You Should Get A Massage Regularly

Do you enjoy the occasional massage? Did you know that besides its tension releasing and muscle relaxing functions, there are a number of benefits of a good and complete massage session?

In the same way that we service and condition our electrical appliances, the body needs to be regularly maintained as well. Your body and mind need and deserve a break and there is truly no better way to reward it than with a soothing massage. If you are still wondering whether or not to sign up for that massage therapy package at your nearby spa, read on for more motivation!


Release Stress and Tension

At the end of a busy week, there is no better way to de-stress and melt all the anxiety away than with a calming massage. When your mind is cluttered and strained, you will find that your muscles tend to be similarly tense. The best way to release this built-up tension in your muscles is to first soothe the mind.


Set the Mood for Relaxation

During a massage, the therapist will play calming music and light some aromatherapy oils with the room lights dimmed. This sets the mood for a relaxing session ahead and your mind is put at ease even before the massage therapy officially begins. This setting might even momentarily send you away on that longed-for holiday vacation which further improves your mood and happiness level!


Stimulate Good Hormones

Massages that are effective in relieving stress include the Swedish and Watsu massage, and these are highly efficient in triggering endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ to improve your mood, serotonin to make you feel at ease and relaxed and dopamine that reduces the cortisol hormone, a stress trigger.


Improve Blood Circulation

The blood circulation in the body will be greatly improved with a simple massage as the blood vessels are indirectly rubbed through the skin with each touch of the therapist. Once blood circulation is stimulated and enhanced, more blood and oxygen can be efficiently sent to the organs for better performance. This is great news for those suffering from kidney problems, liver diseases or heart ailments.


Get Better Skin

All that kneading of your skin during a massage actually comes with one huge advantage! The improved blood circulation that comes with a good massage will leave your skin looking flushed, full and radiant, and this in turn will reduce scars, wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks.


Say Goodbye to PMS

For those who have been suffering silently during “that time of the month”, regular massages could be your savior. Research has shown that a massage may be up to 90% effective in getting rid of bloating, migraines, painful cramps, mood swings and fatigue.


Relieve from Chronic Pain

Massages can treat a myriad of chronic pain in the body. Some of the more common types of pain are in the back, shoulders and joints, but with specific types of massages that target these problem areas, chronic pain sufferers can finally find relief without having to rely on medication.


Some of these benefits of massage can be experienced with only one session but if you are looking to reap these benefits for long-term and sustained results, it will be best to enjoy massages regularly.

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