Why Beautifying Your Bathroom Is Important


The bathroom is the most overlooked room in the house despite the fact that we spend a considerable amount of time in there. Some homes have beautifully renovated and decorated bathrooms while others look bare and contain only the most minimal fixtures. If you are the sort who does not think much of your bathroom, here are some reasons why you should reconsider setting aside more of your renovation budget to beautify the bathrooms in your home.


1)  Most of your guests will visit your bathrooms

If you hold gatherings or parties in your home, it is a sure bet that your guests will visit your bathroom at least once during that time. On average, they will spend about 5-10 minutes inside the bathroom attending to their needs while at the same time scrutinizing your choice of bathroom tiles, shower head, sink, toilet and decorations. If you want to truly impress your guests with the renovation works in your new home, spend effort and money making your bathroom look awesome.


2)  It is where you start and end your day

On average, each person will spend about 1½ years of their lives in the bathroom. It is the place where we start our day immediately after crawling out of bed and where we complete our daily routine before heading back into the bed to prepare for yet another new day the next morning. It is therefore important that the environment in the bathroom is pleasant and comfortable for us to start and end our day on the right foot.


3)  A great place to hide

If you find yourself in need of a place to hide away for a while and to calm your nerves after a bad argument or fight with your spouse, or to have quiet time alone away from your rowdy children, the bathroom is by far the best location for that. In Singapore where apartment and flats are getting smaller and smaller, there is really no extra room or space for us to flee to when we need to get away from everyone else in the house for a while. The bathroom also allows you splash some water on your face to freshen yourself up or to calm your nerves. It works to have a beautiful bathroom to escape to so that it works more effectively to make you feel better.


4)  A place to be yourself

When you are in the bathroom, that space is all yours. No one can barge in to disturb you while you are in there and it is a place where you can truly be yourself. No judgment will be made on how you look (bed head, stained bathrobe over a yellow-stained bra, half-opened eyes sound familiar?), or what you choose to do in the bathroom.


It may be the smallest room in the house but there is no doubt that it is perhaps the most important. Why shouldn’t we take more effort in making the most important room in the house look beautiful and feel comfortable?

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