What A Handyman Can Do For You

We have all seen how handymen are typically depicted in the media – men dressed in overalls with a tool box hanging on their waist band and bulging muscles that flex with their every move. In television shows and movies, these handymen don’t do much except provide some eye candy to viewers and to the protagonists. What do handymen really do though?

By definition, a handyman is ‘skillful’, ‘good with his hands’ and ‘easily reached’. He should be the guy that you call whenever you need something fixed or manually done around the house. The handyman should also be able to show up at your home within short notice without you having to schedule for an appointment weeks in advance.

You can expect a handyman to handle the following tasks for you:


Simple painting works, including touch-ups over cracked or dented parts of the wall, around the house can be executed by a handyman. Of course, more complicated wall coverings like intricate paintings of wall murals and wallpapering will require the skills of a professional.

In the garden

A handyman can assist with the heavy lifting in the garden and some tasks that you can assign a handyman to work on include repairing garden boxes, fixing up planters, extracting weeds, and any other gardening works that do not require the know-how of a professional gardener.

Hanging of fixtures at home

Let’s face it; it isn’t easy to hang things up at home. It sounds simple enough but there are many procedures and tools required to put up that beautiful framed photo you took while on holiday in Europe. You will need to make holes in the wall with a power driller or with a hammer, make sure that the indentations you make are of the same height (you don’t want a lopsided photo hanging on your living room wall) and then finally, lift the heavy photo frame up onto the wall to hang it.

The same goes for curtains, mirrors, posters and that newly-bought utensil hanger you plan to install in the kitchen. A handyman can hang all those up for you, no fuss no muss.

Furniture assembly

Just bought a new fix-it-yourself chest of drawers from Ikea? While the instructions are easy to understand, you will have to invest at least an hour of your time to fix it. A handyman has the proper tools and skills to easily assemble any kit or flatpack items you may have and you can have that time freed up to do other chores or work.

Simple carpentry work

While a handyman cannot work on large items, they are able to erect simple and smaller structures such as a birdbath or letterbox for your garden, installing additional shelves to existing cabinets or repairing broken wardrobe doors or cabinets.



Other work such as wiring of any electrical fixtures or plumbing works will require the professional skillset and equipment of a trained electrician or plumber. If the tasks that you need done around the house are not too complicated, our handyman can be your go-to guy for a wide variety of work, offering you the convenience of having one person do many different types of tasks.