Wallpaper vs Paint: What You Need To Know


Wallpaper or paint?

Wallpaper offers beautiful murals and patterned designs for any room, while painting, with its selection of a rainbow of colours, can effectively brighten any area. If you are in the process of selecting a covering for your walls, regardless of whether it is for a new home or to give your current abode an overhaul, it is important to have all the necessary facts in order to make a sound decision.

Here we explore the pros and cons of covering your walls with wallpaper or with paint. This is a comprehensive and informed piece aimed at assisting you in your decision-making.






  • Durable and Cost-Effective

Wallpaper can last a long time (between 10-15 years) and although it is costlier than paint to install initially, but because of its resilience, is more cost-effective in the long run.


  • Offers a Varied Selection of Designs

With the wide selection of wallpaper designs available on the market, wallpaper is definitely the more aesthetically pleasing option with designs suited for children’s rooms, baby nurseries, for an elegant living area or study, and simple chic for the dining area.


  • Effective in Covering Up Flaws

If your wall has bumps, dents and cracks that you would like to cover up; there is no better way than to do that with wallpaper. Wallpaper smoothens out and effectively covers any flaws in the wall for a seamless look.



  • Pay to Remove

If and when you ever decide to have your wallpaper removed, it can be a tedious task that you cannot undertake yourself. This means that you will most likely have to pay a professional to have it taken off for you, resulting in additional cost.


  • Peels when Placed in Areas with High Levels of Moisture

Wallpaper cannot be placed in areas with a high humidity or moisture level such as the bathroom, kitchen or near any contraption that generates water like a humidifier or air-conditioner. This is because wallpaper will peel off when it comes into contact with moisture.


  • Difficult to Purchase the Exact Same Design

Imagine that you have had your wallpaper design installed at your home for more than 10 years and you absolutely love it; however, it is already time to have it replaced as part of its maintenance and you want to install the exact same design. It may be difficult at that point to find the exact same design in the market after that period of time which means you will have to replace the wallpaper with another design.






  • Cheap

Paint is generally cheaper than wallpaper to buy and you do not necessarily have to hire professional to paint a room or area for you. There are many painting supplies available that you can buy to paint your walls yourself.


  • Easy Maintenance

To repair chipped paint or any other damages, you can simply paint over the initial layer with minimal to no fuss at all.


  • Endless Colour Combinations

There are so many paint colours available that the possible combinations that you can whip up with the beautiful colours are endless. Painting is easier to customize to your preferences to create the desired vibe and effect for any space.



  • Requires Constant Touching Up

Because paint fades over time, you will most probably need to buy extra tins of paint to store in case you need to touch up on any faded spots after a few years.


  • Splatters All Over the Place

There is a chance that during the painting process, paint will splatter onto the skirting boards or any other fixtures on the wall, leaving an unsightly appearance.


  • Leaves an Odour and Hazardous

Some paints are made of hazardous chemicals which are bad for the environment and for health. Paint also leaves an unpleasant odour which will take a few days to dissipate.


With all the facts made known to you on the pros and cons of wallpaper vs painting, you can now make a choice as to which to use to cover your walls. Once you are ready to get started on refurbishing your home, hit us up for an enquiry on the professional services that we can help you with.