Types of Wooden Flooring For Your Home

Timeless and classy, wooden flooring makes any room look inviting and modern. More and more homeowners are choosing wooden flooring over conventional favorites such as ceramic tiling and marble flooring. Wooden flooring is highly durable, with many installations lasting for over a decade or more with minimal repair required, and low in maintenance, as you hardly have to polish or clean it. There are many types of wooden flooring available in the market to use in your home, how do you decide which is the right fit for you? Here is our handy guide to selecting the perfect wooden flooring for your home.

Wooden flooring is categorized into 3 types – Engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring. Decide on which type you would like to use first before deciding on the species of wood and style to fit into the space in your home.


Solid Wood Flooring












    Milled purely from natural lumber, solid wood flooring is laid plank by plank onto any area. This type of wood responds to changes in temperature, shrinking and expanding according to the level of moisture and dryness in the atmosphere. Solid wood flooring is impressive to look at and will definitely add value to your home when you decide to sell it. Take note, however, that this type of flooring is costlier than engineered wood but if you have the budget to install it in your home it will proof to be cost-efficient in the long run as minimum maintenance is required. Solid wood flooring is not recommended for use in the bathroom or kitchen as it cannot afford to get wet.


    Engineered Wood Flooring













      Because each piece of wood in this type of flooring is thinner those used in Solid Wood Flooring, each floorboard consist of 3-4 layers of wood glued together. The topmost layer of about 4-6mm is made of real wood that is consistently sanded to restore its original finish over the years of use. Engineered wood flooring does not respond to atmospheric temperature and moisture level and as such, is much more stable than the wood used in solid wood flooring. It is advised that you lay this type of wood flooring over large areas as it will not look good if you place it on smaller, cramped spaces like staircases.


      Laminate Wood Flooring












        This is the cheapest option of the three and the one that is most customizable. It is basically compressed fiberboard plank with a layer of photographic applique under another topmost layer of clear protective layer. You can choose different designs for the photographic applique layer to create any style of wood you want. Laminate wood flooring is getting more and more popular as it is cost-efficient and easy to maintain. It is also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. While the other types of wood cannot be placed in the bathroom, you can recreate the look of wood in the bathroom with laminate flooring as it is waterproof as well.


        It is important to first decide on the type of flooring you want for your home before any other furnishings as it is the part of the house that cannot be changed easily. With any type of wood flooring, the handiwork and craftsmanship involved in laying out the flooring is crucial to the outcome. Place your trust in us to find you the renovation company with the best skills and most reasonable price, send in your enquiries here.


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        Images credit: www.pixabay.com