Transform Your Home Into A Playground For Grown-Ups


Sure, you may have just celebrated your 30th birthday but that doesn’t mean you have to stop watching “Spongebob Squarepants” or stop taking rides on the swing at your nearby playground. Having fun every now and then is a great way to take a break from the stresses of work and adulthood. Here are some incredible ways that you can transform your home into an adult playground and fun house to bring back the wonderful memories of your childhood.

Swing your woes away

Have you ever felt the urge to join the queue for the swing set at the nearby playground? Well, now you can enjoy the fun of riding on a swing right at home! Home swings are gaining popularity as more homeowners choose to install one for their children or for themselves. The best places in the home to set up your swing set include the balcony (only if yours is large enough, of course) and in the living room. Be sure to allocate enough space around the swing so that you can prevent from crashing into nearby furniture or people.

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Train track set

Playing with trains is not limited to Thomas the Tank Engine toys; there are many shops that specialize in high-end train sets made for adults and many are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an intricate and beautiful set that can be customized and installed in the home. It would be best to have the tracks set up on the ceiling in order to optimize the space in the house. Prepare to welcome the choo-choo chugging of your very own train set running through your home!

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Slide Stairs

Why walk when you can slide? This is definitely a must-have for those who live in a multi-storey home or in a mansionette. A slide that is placed alongside your usual staircase does not take up any extra space and is easy to set up. What reason do you have NOT to install one of these in your home?

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Home arcade

You don’t have to buy every machine in the arcade, just pick your favorite one and plop it in your game room or in the living room! Of course, if you can afford more space in your home for a few more arcade game machines, I don’t think your family or guests will complain.

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Climb your way to the ceiling!

This is one for the avid sportsperson! If you are interested in learning how to rock climb, having a simple climbing wall set up at home means you can practice whenever you want without having to leave the house. There are numerous DIY tutorials available online on how to easily install one in the house but for ease and convenience, you can always get a professional to do that for you.

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Are you inspired by any of these incredible ideas to bring out your inner child? Send in your enquiries to have a skilled professional help you transform your home into your very own playground.