Top Tips To Make That Small Kitchen Absolutely Stunning

Is the kitchen in your home limited in space? While the size of your kitchen has been compromised, it doesn’t mean that the aesthetics of it should be too. There are many ways to beautify a small space by optimizing the use of what you already have to work with. Lighting, the usage of certain props, types of surfaces and cabinets are all integral to making a small kitchen look awesome.


Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Make full use of space in the kitchen by having shelves stacked up all the way to the ceiling so that you have plenty of storage space. This is one way to utilize wall space to maximize the kitchen area.

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Kitchen ladder

With floor-to-ceiling cabinets, you will definitely need to install a ladder to reach the higher shelves. Similar to ladders that are commonly found in libraries, a kitchen ladder adds a quirky feel to the room and makes it look truly unique!

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Reflective surfaces

What is one way to make an area look and feel larger? By the clever use of lighting! You do not even need to have too many ceiling lights or lamps installed if your kitchen sees a steady stream of natural sunlight shining in. Reflective surfaces such as stainless steel or a brushed glossy metal surface in any color will reflect light in the kitchen, amplifying the amount of light in the area.

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Use multi-functioning appliances

We all wish for a kitchen where the toaster is placed next to the coffee machine together with the air-fryer right alongside the Kitchen Aid mixer, ready for use anytime we need them. However, in order to have all your appliances set up in the kitchen you will need a lot of counter space and that is what you don’t have much of when you have a small kitchen.

A solution for this is to use multi-functioning appliances such as an oven that doubles up as a steamer and broiler, a mixer-blender combination or pressure cooker that can be used as a slow cooker and rice cooker.

Wall-mounted storage

Another effective way to utilize wall space in order to minimize on having too many drawers and cabinets installed, wall-mounted storage solutions allow for easy access to the items that you use most often and it looks pretty awesome too!

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Do away with knobs and handles

When space is constrained, it makes it easier for us to bump into furniture that is in the area. The same goes for a small kitchen – you will find yourself hitting the corners and edges of the countertops and getting your clothing caught on handles and knobs jutting out from the cabinets. The best way to prevent this is by selecting the type of kitchen cabinet that comes without any knobs or handles. These usually look sleek and streamlined, adding a touch of sophistication to the room.

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Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean that you have limited options when it comes to designing it. There are tons of wonderful ideas to jazz up a small kitchen without excessive renovations works or having to break the bank. Consult with a professional contractor or interior designer to create the perfect small kitchen of your dreams!