Here’s why your sock goes missing in the washing machine…

Have you ever wondered how your socks magically disappears when you do laundry?


“Did I forget to put BOTH my socks into the washing machine?”

“Did it get stuck in one of the pocket of my clothes during laundry?”

“Did I fling my sock out of the window when I am hanging out my laundry?”


And when you realised all the above weren’t applicable… the only conclusion you have is –

My Washing Machine Is A Monster That Eats Up My Favorite Sock!


Turns out, if you are using a front-load washing machine, the chances of this happening to you is almost 90%.

If you have searched high and low, in and around the washing machine and yet, you didn’t find your sock. This is where your socks could be:


Missing Sock

(image from


Hidden beneath the seal is a rubber gasket which is big enough to trap small items like your favourite sock.

It was such a mystery that even scientists got interested.  Eventually, they developed a scientific equation to explain.

Now that we know, here’s a simple solution from our laundry experts to prevent your socks going missing.

Get a laundry net and use it whenever you are washing small items like your socks and undergarments.

You are welcome.