My Spring Cleaning Nightmare


My Spring Cleaning Nightmare

Does Spring Cleaning have to be such a nightmare? Are there alternatives to spending the weekends leading up to Chinese New Year bent over and sweating over scrubbing the floors and washing the windowpanes? Our reader, Pam, shares her story on how she completely eliminated the nightmare of Spring Cleaning by coming to FIX8 for help.

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As a child, I used to look forward to Chinese New Year. After all, what was there NOT to love? The delicious goodies, the pretty new clothes and the angbaos packed with extra pocket money. Back when we were still little, our parents didn’t expect us to help out with the spring cleaning and truth be told, I really have no recollection of my parents toiling away around the house cleaning up (although they tell me otherwise).

It was only in secondary school that we, my brother and I, were expected to help out with spring cleaning. But we only had to clean our own rooms, which wasn’t a big deal, and could be completed within half a day. Looking back now, my parents are really selfless and generous. Even after I graduated from University and joined the workforce, they never expected me to help out with the spring cleaning; I was only responsible for my own room.





Fast forward to 3 years ago, I got married and we moved into our very own home sweet home. Home is a 3-room BTO unit in Punggol with a small service balcony and two toilets. Because my husband and I both work regular office hours, we only exhaust about 1-2 hours each week giving our home a sweep here or a mop there. The heavy duty cleaning such as kitchen cleaning and toilet cleaning we avoid almost completely. As we only use one toilet, we occasionally give the sink there a quick brush as part of our cleaning “ritual”; home cleaning is really mostly the last thing that we think of.


I remember the very first nightmare started 2 weeks before our first Chinese New Year at our new home; I was all prepared to get into “Hardworking Housewife” mode and even went out to get all the cleaning equipment. I took 2 days off of work and on day 1 I started with the kitchen. The refrigerator, to be more specific; I made the mistake of not switching off the main power of the refrigerator before removing all the items in the fridge and after about 10 minutes it started sweating and my subsequent attempts at cleaning the shelves were doubled because of the additional moisture. I hastily completed cleaning the refrigerator and shut the door but few days after that clean-up job, my refrigerator went on the fritz and we had to call a repairman for that.


Frustration Refrigerator Nightmare


Next, I continued on to vacuuming areas in the house that we normally skip, such as under the television console, bed, sofa and kitchen cabinets. My vacuum cleaner kept clogging up because of the furballs (we have 2 dogs), toy model pieces (my husband is a collector), hair clips and other random things that had found their way under those areas. It was a terrible experience because I had to keep getting up to unclog the vacuum cleaner and then get back bent over down to reach under the bed or sofa. At the end of the 2 days of cleaning, my back felt like it was close to breaking and my vacuum cleaner almost went kaput.


Other experiences that contributed to the spring cleaning that year being a complete nightmare was when our bookshelf almost came crashing down on me after I attempted to reach to the top shelf to dust it, and I slipped on soapy water in the toilet as I was scrubbing the floor. Both my body and ego were bruised after that spring cleaning attempt and I dreaded the following year when I had to repeat all these again.


In the second year of my spring cleaning nightmare, I enlisted the help of my husband with the spring cleaning, determined to finally succeed this time. The situation was slightly better with the bruises being distributed between the two of us (instead having the full brunt of it all on me) but the vacuum cleaner finally died on us.


Dead Vacuum



This year, I told myself, no more. So I went on the trusty internet and began searching for help. I started searching in mid-December and found FIX8. After a few round of emails with them enquiring on what type of services they were able to offer, we started scheduling services to give my home a complete makeover and clean-up last week. Here is a list of what they did for me:

Laundry: The laundry service was the first to arrive to take down our curtains and remove our sofa covers. Clean curtains and sofa covers were returned to us 4 days later. 

Plumber: Uncle Michael, a skilled plumber dropped by at the same time to fix our faulty sink and weak toilet flush.

Air-Con Repairman: Shortly after, 2 repairmen gave our AC units a check-up and maintenance service.

Painting: A group of 3 professional painters spent a mere half a day repainting our entire house

Home cleaning: A cleaning aunty came to my place after all the other works were completed, cleaned the toilets and kitchen, including the sinks, stove, cabinets and floor, tidied our shoe cabinets for us, vacuumed under all the trouble spots. She took care of everything and I am so grateful for that.

Spa Massage: Finally, this was something I rewarded myself with for being clever enough to get help this year. The spa therapist came equipped with treatment table, fresh linen, aromatherapy oils, and even prepared the music for the session. Very impressive.


      All my husband and I did was sit at our dining table and enjoy coffee! I really wish I had thought of getting help earlier as it would have saved me so much physical suffering. I really recommend anyone who isn’t up to the task of doing spring cleaning yourselves to contact FIX8 to help you out. You can save so much time, energy and unnecessary headache by reaching out for help. So, for myself, I no longer dread spring cleaning season.


      Happy Couple