Maximizing Space In A Small Bedroom

So you have a really small bedroom but you still want it to look aesthetically pleasing. How do you fully utilize the minimal space to achieve optimum effect? From the choice of color for your walls to the type of furniture you choose and the placement of your furniture, there are several things you can do to stretch the limited area you have to work with and make your bedroom look beautiful. Here are some simple and effective ways to maximize space in a small bedroom.


Pick furniture equipped with storage options

Whether it is the side tables, headboard or the bed itself, choose furniture that is multifunctional. There are side tables and dressers with multiple drawers, beds that have pull-out storage space underneath them, and some headboards double up as a bookshelf. When you have limited space to work with, it is best to have furniture that will solve your storage problems.



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Use hanging light fixtures instead of floor lamps

    Floor lamps take up space and only illuminate one part of the room whereas hanging lights, when placed in the center of the room, can effectively brighten the entire room evenly. Using hanging lights will not only give you more space in the room, but also provide uniform lighting. Not one, but two reasons to use hanging lamps!


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    Sleep on a futon instead of a bed

    Have you noticed on Korean and Japanese dramas how they sometimes sleep on the floor on futons? That is one way to maximize space in a small bedroom as you only roll out the futon when you need it (for afternoon naps or at night for bedtime) and stow it away into the closet after use. Futons are no less comfortable than beds and are convenient and practical.



    Avoid decorative furniture

      More specifically, avoid decorative pieces of furniture that need to be placed on the floor. Use paintings, murals, photos or posters to adorn the walls instead. You can also choose a hanging light fixture that is both functional and ornate to add to the aesthetics of the room.


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      Choose a closet with sliding doors

        Instead of closets with doors that swing open, choose one that has sliding doors to save on space. You can also have a large mirror installed on one or two panels of the closet doors so that you will not have to buy an additional standing mirror, leaving you more space to work with!

        The best type of closets are the ones you can customize to suit your preferences in storage style (eg. More space for tailored shirts, less for folded items like T-shirts; increased hanging room for long dresses; additional storage space for items like handbags, shawls, socks, ties). Skip over here to enquire on our renovation service!


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        Paint your walls white

          The color white creates an expansive effect which will make your room look larger than it actually is. Light reflects off the color and emanate natural light to make a space look airy and bright. It is also advised to have your window shade or curtain open as much as possible during the day to enhance this effect.

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           In addition to the tips suggested above, it is important to also understand that unnecessary clutter is absolutely detrimental in maximizing small spaces. Keep your room clear of mess and it will look more spacious instantly.


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