Keep Your Home In Order While You Are Away

The last thing that you want when you return from a trip is a pile of housework. If you’re heading out of town and would like your home looked after, consider hiring a professional home service provider who can help with the chores.

What can a home service provider help with?

Before you start searching for home service providers, you may want to list down essential chores that need to be completed while you’re away.

Some of these chores could be very basic, such as keeping your home spick and span. Another essential task that you may need help with, if you have pets, could be pet-sitting. Many pet-owners often fret about this, especially when they have to leave their beloved pet for an extended period of time. Your pet’s basic needs can be looked after if you decide to hire a home service provider, ensuring that they are fed, cleaned and walked.

A professional service provider will also ensure that your plants are cared for and your garden tended to, with gardening services ensuring that your lawn is mowed and plants are trimmed.

When you’re back in town, a home service provider can lend a helping hand with laundry and maintenance works. Have a pile of laundry that needs to be washed after a long holiday? Leave it to a service provider who can help with dry-cleaning, household linen, curtains and upholstery cleaning.

Being away also means that your home appliances like your air-conditioner may need servicing and maintenance. This is where a home service provider can step in to help.

How do I select a home service provider?

There are a myriad of home service providers out there, but the next question is how you can shortlist the best service provider for your home. Here are four key criteria that you should consider when using such services:

The service provider should be able to get the job done well, providing a high level of service. As most of these chores revolve around your personal needs, the last thing you want is shoddy work.

Most of us are pressed for time, which means that the service provider you choose should be prompt and efficient. This means being punctual and getting the job done within the expected time frame.

The process of searching for a home service provider, making the appointment and booking services should be simple and fuss-free. The last thing you want is having to go back and forth about an available time slot.

As a consumer, you should not be exploited by inflated prices or hidden costs. The service provider should be upfront about payment terms and transparent about pricing. In addition, you should be protected by service warranties.


How FIX8 can help

These tips will ensure that you find the best home service provider, but FIX8 makes it even easier for you, eliminating the process of hunting and shortlisting the best service providers.

FIX8 has assembled the best local providers with experience and a trusted track record to keep your home in order, taking the hassle out of managing the service providers and the booking process.

Simply reach out to our friendly concierge with your list of requirements, and they will help to curate the services that you’ll need. Booking with FIX8 ensures that you’ll be paying fair prices and you’ll be protected with our warranty and money-back guarantee policies.

Going away soon? Reach out to us today!