Innovative Ways To Utilize The Bomb Shelter In Your Home


It was back in 1998 that the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) made it imperative that all planning submissions for new homes include household shelters in their development plan. The difference between a household shelter and the typical room of a home is that the door and walls of the former are fortified and thicker than normal. The purpose of a household shelter is to offer protection to all that are sheltered inside it in cases of emergency. As for its everyday use, most residents choose to use it as a pantry, storeroom or to simply leave it empty. 

There are many ways you can make full use of the household shelter in your home without compromising on the aesthetics of it. Here are some innovative ideas to fully utilize the shelter for the next time you decide to give your home an overhaul or for when you start renovation works on your new home.


1)  Magnetic Chalkboard

Transform the shelter door into a canvas for you or your little ones to unleash your inner Picasso! Use it to display your magnet collection, family photos or your favorite recipes. There is nothing more satisfying that being able to merge functionality with modern aesthetics.


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2)  Shoes Storage

One can never have too many pairs of shoes, but where do you store it all? Utilize your household shelter to the fullest by converting it into a home for your shoes! You can buy a simple storage rack to place in the shelter or have it custom-made for you by a skilled carpenter.

3)  Beautiful Pantry

If you are a home cook who cooks regularly, then the pantry is perhaps the most important space for you. However, with homes in Singapore decreasing in size, it is very difficult to allocate an area to use as a pantry. This is where that space in your household shelter comes in! Have some shelves placed inside the shelter and install more lights for sufficient illumination, and you now have a neat, tidy and beautiful pantry. Because most of the items you will store in your pantry require storage in a “cool and dry place”, the internal temperature and lack of natural sunlight in a shelter make for the perfect storage room.

4)  Library

For bibliophiles, there is no limit to the number of books that one can buy. However, there is a limit to the storage space that one has; this can be easily rectified if you make use of your household shelter properly. Engage the services of a professional carpenter and have wooden shelves installed in the shelter, complete with a ladder so that you can reach the higher shelves, to create a practical storage solution for your books.

5)  Sports Equipment Storage

Most household shelters are situated near the main entrance in HDB homes and will make for a great storage space for sports equipment as you can easily retrieve your bicycle or skateboard before leaving the home. You can also choose to place exercise machines such as a simple treadmill or punching bag in the shelter to use as your very own home gym.


Expand the feel and look of the household shelter with simple and easy hacks such as placing floor-to-ceiling mirrors on the walls, have it painted in a monochromatic color scheme and ensure that there is enough lighting to illuminate all the spaces in the room. It doesn’t take much work to get an extra room that is functional and gorgeous to boot!

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