How To Create Your Ideal Lifestyle

Let’s face it: you spend at least forty hours a week at work, so what you do with the remaining seventy two waking hours is really important. We all know that time is precious, but with so much to do in so little time, how can we go about prioritising and focusing on things that matter the most to us? Here are some useful tips on how to create your ideal lifestyle and maintain a good quality of life.


Find time to exercise

Working out regularly is actually more important than you think, as it affects your physical and mental health. Spending half an hour everyday on exercise is said to improve the quality of your life. Exercise is commonly known to help the body to release endorphins, helping to lift your mood. Most importantly, exercise boosts your brainpower. Studies show that the brain releases a brain-derived protein, known as BDNF, after a tough workout session. BDNF is believed to help with decision making, higher thinking, and learning. So if you want to get more done, simply take some time off work for a short walk or jog and you will find yourself being more productive. Alternatively, hire a personal trainer if you prefer working out in the comfort of your own home.



As cliché as it may sound, vacations help you to relax and recharge, allowing your to return more motivated. Travelling also has a positive impact on your state of mind. As you travel, you become exposed to new people, cultures, and lifestyles. This allows you to look at life from a fresh perspective, giving you a new purpose in life. If you’re feeling stuck or burnt out, why not pack your bags and take a vacation? You might be surprised to find how much impact it has on your quality of life.


Spend time with the people who matter

Spending quality time with people you love is the most important tenet to improving your life. Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert identified this as one of the biggest sources of happiness in our lives, and his research shows that people with the longest life expectancy are those that place a strong emphasis on social engagement. Quality time means giving your family and friends all your attention when you’re with them. For example, when you’re having an engaging conversation or sharing a meal together.



Eat well

Making small changes to your diet can have a big impact on your mood, energy levels and quality of sleep, improving your lifestyle and health. The formula? Have a diet high in nutrient-dense whole foods and low in processed, fatty and sugary foods. Consume fruits and vegetables, which contain most of the nutrients you will need. These foods are also important for good health and the prevention of disease.

Struggling to find time to fit these activities and incorporate these habits into your daily life? Don’t let chores and errands get you down. Opt for a home concierge service to help take care of mundane tasks like cleaning, laundry and repair works, so you can focus your efforts on building a lifestyle that is both holistic and meaningful.

Make a conscious effort to spend your time outside of work wisely and start incorporating these activities into your daily life to create the ideal lifestyle that you want.