Facials To Pamper Yourself With This Lunar New Year

Have the excessive partying of December and the subsequent tiring return to work taken a toll on your skin? Well, you need to look your best in time for the Lunar New Year and what better way to revitalize your skin than with a relaxing facial? There are a variety of facials available that are suited different types of skin; there are facials to add some vibrancy to and plump up your skin, facials to rid you of fine lines and wrinkles, facials to alleviate acne and facials to minimize scars and pigmentation.

Which are the best ones for you to pamper yourself with before the festive season? What you need at this point in time with the Lunar New Year only less than a week away are facials that offer you results quickly. These are the top 3 facials that offer you that sort of results.


Microdermabrasion Facial

Image source: http://themicrodermabrasionmachine.com/microdermabrasion-facial-treatment/

With the use of a specialized machine, a microdermabrasion facial effectively clears the superficial layer of dead skin cells while at the same time polishing the surface of the skin by blasting micronized crystals over it. It helps even out the pigment on the skin, removes fine lines and efficiently clears whiteheads to leave your skin feeling smooth.

Microdermabrasion facials are commonly known these days as a non-invasive “face lift” because they provide similar results without having to lift the scalpel. While it is costlier than regular facials, it is definitely cheaper than having cosmetic surgery.


Lymphatic Massage Facial

Does your face look bloated and puffy? Is it also dull and with an uneven skin tone? If you hate the way your skin looks in the mirror, this is the facial for you! A Lymphatic Massage Facial soothes out lymph that causes water retention which in turn causes bloating. By massaging the essential pressure points on the face during the facial, your water retention problem can be eased easily.


Collagen Facial

As we age, our body loses collagen and that causes our skin to become dull, with an uneven tone and causes fine lines and wrinkles to form. When collagen is replenished, it plumps up the skin and makes it supple and bright. In a collagen facial, collagen rich products such as moisturizing cream, scrub and toner are applied onto the face and then massaged to allow for maximum absorption by the skin. This facial is great for those seeking an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle facial.


Of course, as with any treatment, having it done just once will not do much difference in the long run. Signing up for a package with your facial therapist will guarantee that you will have these procedures done consistently (after all, you have already paid for them). Once you are ready for that special facial session to pep for Lunar New Year, head over here to send in your enquiries.