Do Not Kill These! Good Bugs To Have At Home.

For most of us, all creepy crawlies are unwelcome. However, did you know that there are bugs that are beneficial to have in the house and in your garden? The friendly insects help eat other pesky pests and work to keep your garden looking good; this is especially helpful if you plant herbs, vegetables or fruits in your garden.

So the next time you are tempted to swat any bugs that are around you, take a second or two to consider if it is a friend or foe. Surely, you wouldn’t want to kill an aide that keeps the houseflies, mosquitoes and roaches away from your home?



These pretty little beetles not only look delicate and beautiful, but are also very handy to have in the garden! Ladybugs eat up to 5,000 pests in their lifetime, including soft-bodied insects that feed on vegetation. One of such pests that most gardeners are troubled with is the aphid that loves destroying bright flowers such as daffodils and tulips. Aphids can be kept in check naturally by the ladybug which feeds on them.



Spiders are undoubtedly scary to have in the house but tolerating the existence of spiders at home offers you the advantage of having a natural and highly effective pest control. Some of the pests that are commonly found in Singapore homes include mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, and these are exactly the types of insects that spiders eat. In fact, in addition to the abovementioned pests, each spider can get rid of up to 2,000 insects every year.

The next time you catch a glimpse of a spider crawling on the walls or on the floor, just turn around and walk away. These misunderstood arachnids are your handy helpers and it will be best to leave them on their own so that they can do nature’s work.


Praying Mantis

This green and lean insect is extremely beneficial to have in the garden as they prey on garden pests to keep your vegetation intact. Similar to the ladybug, praying mantis feeds on soft-bodied insects that are found in plants, as well as caterpillars, mosquitoes and aphids.

While the praying mantis can be easily found in dense vegetation, you may also find that there is an absence of this bug in your garden. Fortunately, you can purchase a praying mantis egg case from an insect dealer and release it in your garden yourself; simply attach the egg case to a tree branch and watch for them to hatch.



Another creepy-crawly that most people will jump away from, the millipede is very useful to have in the garden but is considered a pest in the house. Millipedes feed on mosquitoes, worms and slugs, effectively safeguarding your vegetation without you having to resort to using chemicals.


While these are the good bugs to have in your home, it is a headache when unwanted insects like moths, flies, cockroaches and wasps invade our habitat. Let us hook you up with a reliable pest control company to help you get rid of these pests. Simply head over to our Services page.