Benefits of Yoga

Unlike other fitness trends that have come and gone, yoga has maintained a consistent and endearing place in the fitness biosphere. Whether you’ve heard of the amazing effects of yoga from the various media outlets that have long feted this ancient practice, or witnessed first-hand the physical and mental improvements practitioners to yoga have experienced, there is no doubt that the pros of yoga far out-weight the cons. Here is a list of the top benefits of yoga that will definitely motivate you to get started on this excellent form of exercise.


Increase Flexibility

  • Increased flexibility

The more you practice the various yoga poses, the more loosened your muscles and ligaments will become. You may not be able to touch your toes during your first yoga lesson and your hamstrings will really hurt but you will find that after just a week or 2 of consistently practicing yoga, you will become more and more flexible.


Alleviates back pain

  • Alleviates back pain

Numerous studies have shown that the quickest and most effective method to alleviate chronic back pain is through yoga. There are many postures in yoga with its fluid movements and transitions from one pose to the next that help ease stiffness in the spinal cord which in turn reduces pain in the back.


Aid Fertility

  • Aids in fertility

Great news for those having difficulty getting pregnant! Yoga physically aids in fertility by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs which will drastically improve organ and hormone functions. Mentally, yoga utilizes steady and paced breathing techniques that are highly effective in de-stressing and relaxing the mind and body. In various research reports published, conception was more likely to happen when a couple is happy as compared to when they are tense and unhappy.


Improves quality of sleep

  • Improves quality of sleep

Yoga helps to calm the body and mind and this allows for sleep that is more restful. Practicing yoga regularly, with its meditative breathing techniques, also helps with circulation and relaxes the nervous system, effectively de-cluttering the mind which induces sleep more easily.


Better posture

  • Better posture

Yoga poses require the proper alignment of the chakras in the body and the shoulders, back and lower back are naturally arranged in its proper place with poses such as the Bridge Pose, Child’s Pose and the Standing Forward Bend. Before you know it, the people around you will notice that you have adopted better posture and you will feel a lot better as well with lessened back aches and shoulder pains. 



  • Be more balanced

Yes, yoga makes you balanced in every aspect of your life mentally and physically but most importantly your physiological balance can be greatly improved with yoga. At the beginning of your journey into Yoga, you will find that in order to hold even the most basic of yoga poses, intense concentration and focus is needed. However, the most practice you get, your balance will improve tremendously and standing on one leg will come as easy as breathing. This is because, although it may not seem like it at first sight, each and every yoga pose requires you to balance yourself well. With ample practice, your skill in balancing will improve tremendously.


Strengthens muscles

  • Strengthens muscles

Yoga strengthens muscles, but not in the same way that weight-lifting does. Yoga stretches your muscles to increase lean muscle mass, efficiently toning your physique and giving you a more streamline appearance. As you progress from beginner yoga poses to more advanced ones, your core muscles will greatly benefit from your constant practice.


Weight Loss

  • Weight loss

Because yoga increases muscle tone, improves digestion and speeds up metabolism, you can be certain that the combination of all 3 factors will effectively aid in weight loss if you practice yoga regularly. Once you have lost excess weight, seek to tone and refine your muscle tone and physical silhouette with consistent yoga exercises.


Brain Booster

  • Brain-booster!

The flow of blood to the brain is increased with certain yoga poses such as the Shoulder Stand and Cobra Pose. These positions direct blood to the head for better circulation which boost brain power.


Yoga is the perfect practice for overall wellness and is very easy to pick up as you can progress from the very basic of poses and gradually move on to the more difficult moves very naturally. You do not require much experience in any form of exercise prior to your introduction to yoga and once you observe the changes yoga does to your emotional and physical wellbeing, you are very likely to dive into this excellent ancient practice with much excitement.

There is much more that to be learned about Yoga and here at FIX8, we promise to provide you with all you need to know about yoga in time to come. In the meantime, if you are interested in enquiring about the yoga trainers that we can acquire for you, click here.


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