Beautify And Purify Your Home With Houseplants

You don’t need to have a large garden in order to exercise your green fingers; there are numerous plants that are suited to be grown indoors and you really don’t even need a whole lot of space to have them.

There is no other decoration like a pot of colourful flowers or a green leafy plant, they look gorgeous AND brighten up the room as well as the mood of those who cast their eyes on it. Now, these following houseplants have one more benefit and that is their ability to also cleanse the air in the home of toxins, acting much like an air purifier. These plants are perfect even for the most amateur of gardeners due to how easy they are to maintain. Take a trip to the nearest nursery to pick up a couple of pots of your favourite plant!


  • Peace Lily

A beautiful flowering houseplant that effectively removes formaldehyde and benzene in the atmosphere, the Peace Lily is a low-maintenance plant and fares well in shady areas with minimal sunlight.

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  • Ficus

The Ficus grows into a tree when planted outdoors and transforms into a hardy houseplant when grown indoors, growing to a maximum of only 10 feet tall. It effectively removes toxins from the air and its pretty little leaves make for a great decorative item in the home.

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  • Spider Plant

Besides looking great when placed in any corner of the house, the Spider Plant is easy to grow and is also on NASA’s list of the best air-purifying houseplants.

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  • Golden Pothos

This is a versatile plant as you can place it as a potted plant in the kitchen or living room, or have it hanging over a window and leave it to grow as a hanging vine down the exterior walls of your home.

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  • Aloe

Have a pot of Aloe Vera growing at home for its medicinal properties! When cut open, the thick leaves contain a liquid that is packed with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The inner portion of the leaves can be made into a jelly that you can have for a refreshing drink or dessert.

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  • Philodendron

A hardy plant that requires very little maintenance, the Philodendron plant has beautiful heart-shaped leaves that make it a great addition to brighten up any area of the home.

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  • Snake Plant

A pot of this popular houseplant will look wonderful atop the dining table or coffee table. Because of how easy it is to maintain, the Snake Plant will be great for novice gardeners and its unique upward growing leaves will capture the attention of all your guests.

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  • English Ivy

The English Ivy tops the “Best Air-Purifying Houseplants” list compiled by NASA and is the most effective plant to absorb formaldehyde. It can be grown as a hanging plant or potted plant and is a great addition to any room.

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With the hot weather lately, having a couple of houseplants in the home will also help cool the air in the house and provide a great relief for sore eyes. These plants are inexpensive and easy to grow, making them perfect for even the most amateur of gardeners.