A Free Concierge for Home & Lifestyle Services for Everyone!

We have all heard it before.

"Call me back next week", "Sorry, we don't have anyone available..." or we hear ourselves saying "The Plumber didn't show up! What am I gonna do now?", "The Handyman arrived an hour late and was uncontactable when I tried calling him".  "Welcome to the world of Home Services" I hear my buddy telling me. 

Pain & Frustration!  That seems to be the default experience based on my research and I am surely not the last victim.  The time it has consumed will forever be lost and I had more interesting plans than asking my friends/family for their recommendations or googling, searching directories for some help before sitting at home and waiting for no-shows/tardiness. 

I've also attempted aggregator websites where you post your requirement online and service providers bid for your job.  Problem is, nobody bid for mine and I was back to square one after wasting hours waiting.  Fail.

I needed someone to take this responsibility away from me.  Surely there must be a better way?  

That sparked the birth of FIX8 - to Remove this Pain and Frustration.  Fill this Need. The need for absolute Convenience and Reliability no different to when staying at a good Hotel/Serviced Apartment.  

A quick dial to share your need/want and carrying on with your busy day knowing that it will be sorted.  So we went about interviewing friends and family as well as service providers from numerous verticals.  We wanted to know what our customers wanted and how we could make it work with reliable and qualified service providers at an attractive rate.

Doing this online via a 'live chat' or a few clicks would make this even better so we made that a reality.  Best of all, none of the costs were passed on to customers, prices clearly published online for transparency and negotiated upfront with service providers so they remain very competitive.  

So there you go.  We're on a Mission to turn everyone's Home into a Serviced-Residence (without the cost).  One which includes Lifestyle Services delivered right to their door and we'll always continue to improve, innovate and evolve. 

It is time the 'world of home services' is changed (for the better) once and for all and FIX8 is taking things into our own hands.  We hope you will enjoy this journey with us as we're doing this for you too. 

Just Tell Us.  We'll FIX8.