6 Fun Games to Enjoy at Your Next Christmas Party

As Christmas approaches, are you already planning a festive party for your group of friends and family? In addition to food options and decorations, entertainment for the night is something that should be prepared well too. Whether it is for adults or children, there is a variety of amusing and entertaining games available to suit every and any preference; from drinking games to board games to trivia games, your guests will be spoiled for choice and enjoying every single minute of your party.


For the children


Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Pin the nose on Rudolph

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Prepare an A3-sized, simple image of a reindeer with its nose missing. Prepare a bright red nose separately that you can make by painting a table-tennis ball or with colored paper mâché (simply scrunch it up into a ball). Each player is to be blindfolded and attempt to attach the red nose onto the face of the reindeer. The person who takes the least amount of time to do so wins!


Candy Cane Fishing

Fishing Candy Cane

Buy a large box of candy canes (easily available at local supermarkets during the Christmas season) and with the covering still on, place the candy canes into a tall cup or small vase with the hook section of the candy cane on top. Craft a ‘fishing rod’ from a plastic or wooden stick with a piece of string tied to it. The objective is to ‘fish’ as many candy canes as you can with the fishing rod from a distance.


Present Scavenger Hunt

Present Scavenger Hunt

For this game, several small gifts must be prepared and wrapped. The host of the party will be in charge of hiding these small presents all over the venue, unknown to the players, and the players will have to find as many presents as they can within a given time frame. The person with the most presents found is the winner. Of course, it will be best to prepare extra presents to give to those who do not find any presents during the scavenger hunt.


For the adults


Drinking Game – Word triggered

Drinking Game

This basic drinking game and its simple rules is a favorite all over the world, no matter the season or language. For Christmas, play this with Christmas carols and songs; everyone decides on the ‘trigger’ word for each round of the game (eg. ‘tree’), shots of alcohol or small glasses of beer are prepared and each time the trigger word is sung in a song, everyone has to drink up. The persons who fail to drink immediately after the trigger word is expressed lose and have to drop out of the game. The ultimate winner is the one who survives until the end.


Christmas Movie Charades

Christmas Movie Charades

Image source: http://www.agirlandagluegun.com/2015/12/christmas-printables.html


The host will have to prepare about 20-30 pieces of paper with a Christmas movie title on each, fold the pieces of paper together and place all into a box or large bowl. The players must be divided into groups of more than 2 and each team with take turns to select a title and act it out (no talking allowed!) to their own team members to guess. The team with the most number of correct guesses wins the game.


Guess the Total Number of Candy Canes

Guess the Total Number of Candy Canes

Adapted from a popular game typically played with dice, each player has an enclosed container and given 10 mini candy canes. Before the start of each game, the players will go into their corners and decide on the number of candy canes to place into their containers, keeping the rest in another container away from everyone else. When all players are ready, they will start to guess the total number of candy canes among all the players, not knowing how many the other players have placed in their containers to play, and only making the guesses based on their own number of candy canes. If a player wants to catch another player out, he or she will shout “no way” and everyone will have to reveal their candy canes. If the player who is called out is right on the number of candy canes that he or she has called, he/she wins. If it turns out that he/she is wrong, the person who called them out wins. Each win is tabulated and the person with the most number of wins is the eventual winner.


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