5 Tips On How To Be A Perfect Party Host

Most people think of going on a short getaway or painting the town red during the long weekend, but why not do something different for a change and host a party at home?

Home entertaining doesn’t have to be stressful, with these five tips to being the perfect party host:


Prepare in advance

The secret to a great party is preparation. We all tend to get a little over ambitious when we try to do an hour’s worth of work in half an hour. Always schedule in a bit of extra time when you’re planning to host an event and look for recipes that include instructions on how to ‘plan ahead’. Chop your veggies the day before or bake a cake a few days ahead to ensure that you’re stress-free on the actual day of the party.



Cook smart

Select a low-maintenance menu when hosting a party. Work with dishes that you’ve whipped up at least once or twice before, and avoid food that involves constant baby-sitting. Remember, you don’t want to be stuck at the stove and miss all the fun!



Put together a playlist

Nothing sets the tone better than good music. Along with filling awkward silences, having a soundtrack immediately relaxes your guests and makes them feel comfortable. Alternatively, let Spotify or Youtube do the job for you with their curated playlists for a perfect party.



Set the mood

The ambience has just as much impact on the party, so do light some candles, slice up fresh citrus for cocktails and get those delicious smells going. The little details, like setting the table with a pretty floral arrangement, napkins and menus will go a long way. Hosting a great dinner party is as much about the packaging as what’s on the plate.


Clean-up crew

You hosted an amazing party and you’re all ready to pat yourself on the back till you see the pile of dishes in the sink. The feeling of relief and accomplishment shouldn’t be overshadowed by a series of exhausting household chores. Arrange for a home cleaning service in advance, and leave the work to the professionals!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun. It’s important to let your hair down and relax - it’s your party after all! These tips will help you take the anxiety out of hosting a party, so don’t forget to pour yourself a drink and mingle with your guests.

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