Manicure Designs For The Lunar New Year

Everyone wants to look their best for the celebratory days on Lunar New Year and it is not just about the clothes and hair, your nails should be part of the outfit too! Be the center of attention with gorgeous nails this coming Lunar New Year with these beautiful and innovative manicure designs sure to impress anyone at your family and friends’ gathering.


Festive Greeting

Send your heartfelt New Year greetings via your nails with traditional Chinese characters written on your nails! There are a variety of different greetings that you can choose from to display on your nails that send well wishes to friends and family. This design is highly versatile as not only can you choose the auspicious phrase, you can also choose the color combination too.

Festive Greetings

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Beautiful Floral Design

Floral designs are classic, classy and absolutely gorgeous! Choose from a variety of different flowers to paint on your cuticles with a rainbow of colors. Of course, the more appropriate colors for Lunar New Year are red, pink or gold but you can always go for something different to stand out from everyone else.

Floral Design 1 Floral Design 2

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Fortune Cat Design

Add a touch of fun to your manicure! Granted, the Fortune Cat (or Maneki-neko) is more a part of Japanese culture rather than Chinese, but good fortune is something that we all wish for during the Lunar New Year season. It also helps that the Maneki-neko is also undeniably cute!

Fortune Cat Design 1 Fortune Cat Design 2

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Zodiac Nails

12 Zodiac animals and an endless selection of colors mean that you will be spoiled for choice! You can choose to have your own Zodiac animal imprinted onto your nails or have the animal of that year painted on. The animal for the coming year 2017 is the Rooster, be sure to select a stunning design to ring in the New Year!

Zodiac Nails 1 Zodiac Nails 2

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Lunar New Year Decorations

Bring the bright decorations from your home straight onto your nails! From lanterns, fireworks, ornate fans, Mandarin oranges and the pussy willow plant, you can have a different item painted on each nail for variety. This is THE manicure to have if you prefer to have a different design on each nail as the combinations are endless.

 Lunar New Year Decorations 1 Lunar New Year Decorations 2

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Dragon Lady

There is truly nothing more Chinese than the majestic dragon. Capture the grandeur of the dragon on your nails for a striking manicure that is sure to bedazzle your family and friends.

Dragon Lady 1 Dragon Lady 2 

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Lunar New Year inspired manicures are mostly very red and vibrant, but they really match the outfits that are commonly seen during the festive season. Manicure stations are typically crowded nearing the Lunar New Year holidays, but you can now have your very own relaxing manicure right at home! Pop over here to make a booking for a manicure now!