4 Beautiful Built-In Dining Tables for Your Home

With Lunar New Year just around the corner, are you prepared to welcome large groups of visitors to your home to feast and make merry? It is not too late now to reconsider refurbish your dining area to maximize space and create a comfortable environment for your family and your guests.

Why not consider having a built-in and customized dining table? Having your dining table built-in will give your dining room or kitchen a seamless and classy look, as well as offering you the option of being able to have your dining table folded away when you are not using it. This is great for saving space while at the same time retaining the aesthetics of the room.

Have a look at these 5 beautiful built-in dining tables and be inspired to design your very own for your cozy home.


Foldable Wooden Dining Table

Foldable Dining Table 

This collapsible dining table is perfect for couples and can sit up to 4 people. It is also foldable and collapses downwards when the table leg is adjusted, giving you that added space when needed. To customize it to sit more people, you can choose to extend the length of the table.


Built-In Seating Benches

Built-In Seating Benches Built-In Seating Benches

Create a cozy corner to enjoy your meals at by having a functional and beautiful dining bench built into the walls of your dining area. You can choose to purchase the dining table separately or have that built-in as well for a matching look. In order to maximize space, you can design your dining bench so that you can store items inside.


Extension of Kitchen Surface

Extension of Kitchen Surface

Extend the clean lines of your kitchen table and surface with a matching dining table set. This design offers convenience during mealtimes as everything you need is within reach and it looks very elegant; it can also sit up to 6-8 persons according to the size you choose. This type of dining table offers maximum versatility as you can choose the type of material used to craft the dining table, the shape and size of it, as well as the height of the table.


Pull Out Dining Set

Pull Out Dining Set 

This is truly a space saving dining table set that can double up as a preparation table too. The pull out dining table set option is practical, functional and highly customizable according to your preference. For instance, you can choose to craft it using different materials, in different colours and textures, and in different sizes. When you are not using it, simply push it back into place and you have that added space in your kitchen!


Built-in furniture provides a sleek and clean look to any space and its high versatility is perfect for those who enjoy a more customized feel to their home. It is crucial to hire skilled carpenters to craft any furniture from scratch so that each piece will last for longer and look wonderful as well. Enquire about our services to find you the best carpenters in the business to make you the dining table of your dreams.

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