3 Ways Your House is Making You Sick

Our homes are supposed to be our safe havens, where we can spend our leisure time with our loved ones and having a good rest at night. Most of us are under the impression that as long as we keep our house clean by regularly sweeping and mopping, our house should be fine. However, there are potential hazards in your house that could be making you sick if they are not properly taken care of.


Kitchen Sponge

  • Kitchen Sponge

When was the last time you have changed your kitchen sponge?

Kitchen sponge is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria given the amount of moisture, warmth and the bits of food leftovers. Although keeping your sponge clean and dry after use will help to prevent contamination, it will not fully eradicate these harmful germs and bacteria.

One great tip is to sanitize your sponge by popping it into your microwave every night. Place the damp sponge in a bowl and microwave for 1-2 minutes. The heat will be able to kill bacteria like Ecoli.

If you noticed that you have been getting digestive problems or an upset stomach, you might want to do a good clean up in your kitchen!

The recommended time to change your kitchen sponge is every 2 weeks.



  • Aircon

Do you get sinus every morning after sleeping in an aircon room? Or, do you noticed that you feel better after stepping out for fresh air almost instantly? Aside from health factors, if you think you have kept your aircon clean and yet you are still getting the sniffles, you need to look deeper.

Moisture can build up in the coils and ducts of your air-conditioning units due to condensation. This can cause mould and fungi to start growing and releasing spores into your home through your aircon. These particles can irritate your respiratory system and caused you to have irritated throat, flu and unexplained fatigue.

If you noticed that you feel ill whenever your aircon is running, it’s time to get a professional to do a thorough inspection and cleaning.


Hidden Mould

  • Hidden Mould

Given our humid environment, mould can easily grow when there are leakages or moisture in dark environments. (Think: Leaky pipes)

There are a few tell-tale signs that you must not ignore. If you notice signs of peeling, black spots growing on your wall, water damage to your ceiling and musty smell, do not ignore.

Prolong exposure to mould can result in serious allergic reactions and wreak your nervous system.

Cases have been reported that exposure to mould can caused frequent headaches, sinus infections, and even hormonal problems. There are also some who are diagnosed with Lyme, firomyalgia and experienced rapid weight gain due to exposure to mycotoxins in the environment.

The good thing is, most are able to recover after eradicating the mould in the house and receiving the proper medical treatment.

Most of us tend to ignore when we get the usual cough and cold, but if you do notice that you or your loved ones have been falling ill regularly, it’s time to do a complete check on your living environment.

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