3 Ways To Free Up Your Weekends To Do What You Love

We all love weekends because that's the time when you can finally rest, catch up with our families and friends, stock up on groceries, walk your dog, clean the house, etc

It's a never-ending list.

With so much to do and so little time, here are 3 tips to free up your weekends!

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead
Here is where a list will come in handy. You can use one of the mobile applications out there such as Evernote. List down all the to-dos and then sort them out according to your priority from the highest to the lowest. Plan your weekend schedule using this list AND include blocks of time where you can have your rest and relax time. 


Prepare your meals in advance

Prepare your meals in advance
Having wholesome meals at home does not mean you need to spend an hour in the kitchen whipping up fanciful meals. You can have healthy meals easily without much effort and time. Consider breakfast smoothies; easy to make and delicious as well! You can also invest in a slow-cooker. There are many one-pot recipes available online. Simply throw in the ingredients the night before and you will have a ready and flavourful meal the next day!


Outsource To Do List

The best way to save time is to outsource some of your to-dos. Tasks like cleaning, laundry and fixing are not only time-consuming, but also draining for you. The last thing you want for your weekend is to feel exhausted and unprepared for the new week ahead.

You can consider getting trusted help from us at FIX8, where we will help you with all your services needs! Just sit back and relax while we do all the work for you, because that should be what weekends are all about!