3 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen

Whether or not you are an avid cook, the kitchen is an important room in the home as it is the place where Man’s most basic need is satisfied with food. It is also the place where the family congregates on a daily basis, preparing coffee in the morning, having a chat while waiting for water to boil, getting ready for toast for teatime etc. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home and it is therefore important to ensure that it is set up properly.


Before you embark on remodeling or renovating your kitchen, take note of these 3 mistakes to avoid so that your kitchen can run smoothly like a well-oiled machine for many years to come.


Open shelving

Kitchen cabinets that come with doors are the more popular option in many kitchens as they help keep items stored in them free from dust and oil stains. Here are a couple of disadvantages of having open shelving in the kitchen:

- Every single item is open for display, even that half-filled bottle of soy sauce and that ugly salad bowl you got during your housewarming party; wouldn’t you rather have some things kept out of sight?

- Dust and oil stains will collect on any item that is not kept safe behind closed doors and this will be irritating in the long run as you find that you will have to regularly wipe these items down.


If you really are a fan of open shelving, fret not! Open shelves can be used in moderation in the kitchen as long as you keep it a distance away from your stove and only for decorative items. You can also choose to have closed cabinets doors fitted with glass if you prefer certain items to be visible.

Image source: http://hbu.h-cdn.co/assets/15/14/980x490/landscape-1428002392-54c7056c75c88-08-openshelving-francescolagnese.jpg

Image source: http://i.shelterness.com/2011/03/open-shelves-in-kitchen-are-perfect-to-fill-all-these-gaps-and-corners.jpg


Not enough power outlets

Think of all the appliances you will be using in the kitchen; microwave, oven, refrigerator, and cooker hood are the most commonly found in any kitchen, but with so many cooking equipment now popping up in the market, you can also easily find other items such as the smoothie maker, ice-cream maker, air fryer, blender, slow cooker, pressure cooker and steamer in kitchens.


With all these equipment and appliances, you will require many power outlets in the kitchen. But, take note not to overload your home with excessive electrical outlets; instead, sit down and make a list of what appliances you want to have permanently placed in the kitchen and which are mobile. For instance, the refrigerator, oven, microwave and cooker hoods are items that will definitely be placed permanently in suitable spots in the kitchen as they will be used most often. Appliances that you use only occasionally can be kept hidden in cabinets and you will only require a couple of additional power outlets for those items.


Insufficient lighting

As much as lighting is important in all areas of the house, it is especially so in the kitchen where food is prepared. It is crucial to have the right lighting for every area in the kitchen and it will be best to have each light fixture be controlled by individual switches. Have a variety of lighting fixtures placed in the kitchen – overhead lighting for general illumination over a large space; spot lighting placed over countertops and stove; accent lighting for displaying items.

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Image source: http://blog.granitetransformations.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Kitchen-Cabinet-Lights1.jpg


Take note of these 3 common mistakes and you will be well on your way to getting a gorgeous and functional kitchen for your lovely home. Head over to our Renovation services page for more information on how we can help with your remodeling and renovation works.