Game Changers: Speed, Convenience, Reliability, Price

FIX8 Home Concierge. Leave it to us. Go Enjoy your day!

Lying there thinking...

It used to cost thousands of dollars and lots of time just to build a pretty basic website and it would cost more to keep it updated (if you didn't have the necessary IT skills to do it yourself).  Too much time, money and hassle. 

Good news is that those days are over since the introduction of CMS systems and wonderful companies like Shopify, SquareSpace & WIX (to name a few).

What you get now is something fast to deploy, easy to use, reliable and available at a great price.  Most importantly, you now have better solutions and will never need to look back.  Hurrah for Progress!

Now, apply that to something else like services delivered to your door (for example).  The experience is typically really poor.  

It takes a lot of time finding the right provider to fit your busy schedule and at the right price and even when you do, you aren't sure if the 'right' one is any good at all.  Time that you could spend doing a million other more productive/fun things.  

A perfect solution would be to have someone do the painful work for you which frees up your personal time and updates you when it's all been organised.  Fast.  

To add to this, you would like to be protected with a service warranty and should you be dissatisfied with the service rendered, your money simply returned to you.  All this at a great price.  Reasonable?

The answer used to be 'NO' but things have progressed.  Times have changed.  Technology allows for things to happen the way it never could and now the answer is a much welcomed 'YES'!  (:

FIX8 does all the above as our focus is on your experience as well as helping our partners improve.  We're the meat/fish/vegetable (delete where appropriate) in the sandwich that makes plain bread taste so much better.  The ingredient that makes bread have a new identity and name.    

So the next time you need a new website in hours not weeks, try Shopify or SquareSpace.  If you need services delivered to your door, just FIX8 it.  

Leverage on these game-changers and win back your time.  Enjoy!