10 Useful Tools To Have In The House


There are certain tools that you must have at home in order to repair and maintain the house to keep it in tip-top condition. It will be more cost efficient to work on simple tasks such as tightening of screws, changing of lighting bulbs or setting up a DIY shelving cabinet yourself but for the more complicated tasks, it is best to call in the professionals. Here is a list of the most useful tools to have stored in the home for use whenever required.


Adjustable wrench

Instead of having an entire box filled with wrenches of various sizes, just grab an adjustable one that you can tweak to work on different nuts and bolts. The more rustic types of adjustable wrenches have a serrated edge to move the jaw to the preferred size while modern ones are digital.



There are different types of screwdrivers and they usually come in a tool kit so that you have the right one for use according to the item you need to work on. The more common types of screwdrivers are the slot head, Phillips head, allen wrench, torx drive and Robertson.



By far one of the most important tools to have around, it is advised that you invest in an expensive one that does its job AND is lightweight. The hammer is used to pound or remove nails when hanging picture frames, mirrors or other items onto the walls, and also to efficiently tap anything in place.



Pliers are multi-functional and are definitely a must-have in the house. It can be used to handle hot items or to bend and compress metal. The uses for pliers are not limited to handy work in the house, it is frequently used for handicrafts as well; for example, to bend and shape wires in jewelry.


Wire stripper

Used to remove the rubber coating covering copper wires in order to allow the appliance to be rewired, a wire stripper also contains a blade that is used to cut wires to the required length.


Power drill

This is the ultimate tool to make your work a lot easier as it saves you time and energy when you need to create holes in a jiffy. A power drill can be used to bore holes in plastic, metal, wood or concrete, and can also aid in fastening materials together when used together with fasteners.


Tape measure

This flexible ruler is great for use in measuring furniture, wall area or crafting materials. Tape measures are easily available in arts and crafts stores, hardware stores and furniture shops.


Duct tape

Having rolls of these around the house will help you settle simple tasks such as repairing a broken bucket or box, fixing leaky pipes, securing loose wires or heating/cooling ducts. There are various types of duct tapes available in the market and they include the standard type of tape, gaffer tape which is black and matte to resist light reflection and heat-resistant duct tape that is used to seal heating ducts.


Utility blade

The uses for the handy utility blade are endless. Because of its small size, it is convenient to bring it around with you for use even outside the house. It can be used to shave wood, cut tape and drywall and easily cut sheets of materials. A utility knife can also be used in the kitchen to clean fish or carve vegetables.



What is the first item you should reach for when that loose screw rolls under the bed? A flashlight is the way to go! This is the one tool that you should have close by when working on any repairs to look under dark chairs and tables or light your way in the attic or basement. Flashlights come in many shapes and sizes, and are easily available in hardware stores and DIY shops.


And if you do not want to keep so many different tools in the house, our handyman is always ready to help you whenever you need something fixed or manually done around the house.