10 Things to Do In The House Before You Leave For That Holiday

So you’ve made all the necessary plans for that holiday vacation coming up and as the big day approaches, your mind is focused on your relaxing travels ahead. But while it is important to get your luggage packed and passports checked, equally as essential is to prep your home for the days that you will be away. Here are the 10 crucial things to prepare before you head off on your vacation.


Make necessary arrangements for your pets

1) Make necessary arrangements for your pets

If you have pets, make the necessary arrangement for them in terms of pet lodging. There are many pet hotels all over Singapore in almost every district; do the required research on each and decide on one that you feel is the best fit for yourself and your pet. Alternatively, if you have relatives or friends who are able to care for your pet while you are away, arrange with them for the best possible solution.


Suspend all subscriptions and mail

2) Suspend all subscriptions and mail

There is nothing more conspicuous than rolls of newspaper piling up at the door; it is like sending a welcome note to potential burglars to “come rob my home” as it is a sign that there is no one at home. Ring up the newspaper delivery company and inform them that you will be away for a certain number of days and that you would like for the delivery to be suspended. Similarly, you can also prevent the pile-up of your mailbox by subscribing for a service at SingPost whereby your incoming mail will be stored at an alternative place until your return.


Clear all your bills

3) Clear all your bills

If you are going to be away for more than a week, it is prudent to clear all your bills first to prevent any disruptions such as with electricity or water supply, or internet connection when you arrive home. Surely, you don’t want to risk coming home to a dark, unlit house after a tiring flight.


Clear the pantry and refrigerator of all perishables

4) Clear the pantry and refrigerator of all perishables

You don’t want food turning bad in your kitchen while you are away; it is absolutely disgusting to come home at the end of a lovely vacation to find boxes and packages of rotten food. Just before you leave, throw away all leftover food, and for other foods such as bread, milk, eggs and vegetables, it might be too much of a waste to just toss them out with the trash so you can think of possibly giving those away to a family member or to your neighbor. Alternatively, you can finish it all up by yourself first!


Take out all your garbage

5) Take out all your garbage

Similar to the unpleasantness of coming home to spoiled food, you don’t want to be greeted by the smell of rotten eggs the moment you step in through the main door. Take note to clear out all the garbage in the house before you leave the house to prevent unwanted odors and unwelcome guests such as cockroaches and houseflies from visiting your home.


Wash all your dirty dishes

6) Wash all your dirty dishes

Coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes on any normal day after a busy day out is frustrating enough as it is; imagine having to face dirty dishes after a long and tiring trip. Clear all your dirty dishes and store it all into the cupboards before leaving on your vacation. If you are too busy with packing your luggage and with other tasks at home to do this, you may want to engage professional home cleaning services.


Do all your laundry

7) Do all your laundry

When you return home from a vacation, you are bound to have a large bag of dirty laundry accumulated from your travels with you that you will need to wash. Therefore, it is advised that you wash all the dirty laundry, dry and fold them away into the closet before you leave on your holiday so that you can work on the dirty laundry that you have brought back. If you are too busy or aren’t up to the daunting task of working on a huge pile of dirty laundry at home, convenient laundry services may be an option.

Another thing to take note of is that if you have large curtains hanging in your home that will be untouched during your travels, dust can accumulate very quickly on it. It is advisable to bag up the curtains and send it off to the laundry service to wash thoroughly as well.


Remove all bed sheets and bed spreads

8) Remove all bed sheets and bed spreads

While you are away, dust will accumulate very easily on bed sheets and bed spreads as they remain untouched. To prevent from coming home and plopping on the bed onto a thick layer of dust, it will be best to remove all sheets from the bed, pillows and blankets and washing it all first. Next, fold the blankets and place them into the wardrobe together with the pillows. 


Unplug all electrical items

9) Unplug all electrical items

In order to prevent a fire hazard while you are away, unplugging or switching off the power of most of your electrical appliances is highly advised. Certain appliances, such as the refrigerator and electrical clocks, can be left on for practical purposes. Apart from preventing the possibility of the power outlets catching on fire, turning off electrical items can also save you money on your power bill during that time that you are away.


Check for and throw out all stagnant water

10) Check for and throw out all stagnant water

With the weather in Singapore being favorable for the growth of the mosquitos and with Dengue and most recently, Zika cases being rampant, it is crucial for yourself (and for everyone else living in the same area) that you check the entire house for any stagnant water to throw out and also to cover up any potential breeding places.


Leaving the house for many days and leaving your home unattended takes a lot of preparatory work. If you feel like you are unable to handle all the tasks, remember that help is on hand – seek the assistance of family members and unleash the power of team work. Or simply give FIX8 a ring.